[ti:A Couple Of Forevers][ar:Chrisette Michele][al:Better][by:][offset:0][00:00.14]A Couple Of Forevers - Chrisette Michele[00:02.64].[00:21.37]I see it clear, my heart is here[00:25.19]We got each other, let\'s take it from there[00:29.19]And if I could I\'d love you forever at a time Oh, oh, oh[00:37.63]What we been through no one else knows[00:41.56]Cause all that matters is how far this goes[00:48.25]And it will go until it starts again, Oh, oh[00:53.31]Me and you are built like armor[00:56.94]Nothing can stop love from loving on us[01:05.50]You know I\'m not asking for much[01:07.88].[01:08.19]Just a couple of forevers[01:12.44]A couple of forevers[01:17.56]I\'m the only one, you are the only one[01:20.63]Together til never[01:23.00].[01:24.69]I\'m talking about forever[01:28.38]Just a couple of forevers[01:34.00]I\'m the only one, you the only one[01:37.00]Together til never[01:39.56].[01:43.31]It can get hard, damn it gets rough[01:47.18]It can get crazy but not for us[01:51.25]Guess we gotta struggle just to stay apart[01:56.75]Me and you are built like armor[02:02.69]Nothing can stop love from loving on us[02:11.27]You know I\'m not asking for much[02:13.33].[02:13.71]Just a couple of forevers[02:17.96]A couple of forevers oh, ooh[02:23.20]I\'m the only one, you are the only one[02:26.27]Together til never[02:28.71].[02:29.46]All I\'m talking about forever[02:33.58]Just a couple of forevers[02:37.19]A couple of forevers, oh[02:39.63]I\'m the only one, you the only one[02:42.63]Together til never, never never[02:47.87].[02:50.44]Can you see it, oh oh ooh oh[02:54.62]Can you see the signs from above[02:59.12]It\'s so blinding, there\'s no denying you and me[03:04.98].[03:05.60]You and me are built like armor[03:08.41]Nothing can stop love from loving on us[03:12.79][03:16.90]And I\'m not asking you for much[03:19.45]A couple of forevers[03:21.39]Ever, Ever[03:27.08]I\'m the only one, you the only one[03:32.08]Together til never[03:37.08].[03:38.46]歌词编辑:活在當下 QQ:6313827 LRC歌词网音乐网 http://www.lrcgeci.com提供