[ti:I Run To You] [ar:Lady Antebellum] [al:Lady Antebellum] [by: ] [02:44.50][01:36.50][00:02.50]Lady Antebellum - I Run To You [02:50.00][01:38.00][00:06.50]LRC by lzh ,from jiangxi pingxiang [00:10.50]@ www.lrcgeci.com @ [03:39.02][03:29.64][03:09.40][02:55.50][02:42.91][02:27.40][02:13.75][01:56.23][01:39.50][01:35.11][01:19.90][01:06.71][00:49.34][00:31.88][00:14.50] [00:16.20]I run from hate [00:23.86]I run from prejudice [00:26.52]I run from pessimists [00:28.92]But I run too late [00:33.07]I run my life [00:39.32]Or is it running me [00:41.39]Run from my past [00:43.39]I run too fast [00:45.63]Or too slow it seems [00:50.50]When lies become the truth [00:58.64]That\'s when I run to you [02:57.05][02:14.98][01:08.00]This world keeps spinning faster [03:01.69][02:19.59][01:12.14]Into a new disaster so I run to you [03:06.76][02:24.80][01:17.40]I run to you baby [03:10.10][02:28.10][01:20.60]And when it all starts coming undone [03:14.31][02:32.16][01:24.67]Baby you\'re the only one I run to [03:35.30][03:32.41][03:21.50][02:38.49][01:31.15]I run to you [01:40.50]We run on fumes [01:48.03]Your life and mine [01:50.41]Like the sands of time [01:53.14]Slippin\' right on through [01:57.39]And our love\'s the only truth [02:05.87]That\'s why I run to you [03:51.93]I always run to you [04:06.88][03:58.90]run to you LRC歌词网音乐网 http://www.lrcgeci.com提供