[ti:Dandelion] [ar:Audioslave] [al:Out Of Exile] [by:歌词千寻 郁郁孑藤] [offset:250] [00:06.13]歌名:Dandelion [00:11.53]歌手:Audioslave [00:16.86]专辑:Out Of Exile [00:22.43]Settle down now and sit with me [00:27.70]Let me tell you how this all came to be [00:33.06]A yellow flower with your pedals to the air [00:37.84]And flying on paper wings that brought you here [00:43.96]Summer rolls on in the lazy hours [00:49.24]An ether dream way [00:50.94]Of hummingbirds and clouds [00:54.61]Midnight swims in the cool back waves [00:59.50]And you in my arms as it rolls away [03:15.21][02:25.07][01:04.65] [03:41.44][02:25.86][01:05.66]Little dandelion [03:43.67][02:28.39][01:08.19]Let your heart keep time [03:48.96][02:33.74][01:13.33]Now the clouds are gone [03:51.52][02:36.11][01:15.82]All of your tomorrows shine [04:20.02][03:58.77][02:41.01][01:20.62]oh~~All of your tomorrows shine [04:09.09][02:51.31][01:31.10]oh~~All of your tomorrows shine [01:41.40] [01:42.73]Born of restless night the moon as a pearl [01:48.04]Playing games down inside your soft warm world [01:53.34]Hear my voice I know that you can [01:57.99]You’re the fire in my eyes [02:00.82]The sun as a man [02:04.24]Seasons come along and seasons go [02:09.54]And what they’ll leave behind [02:11.97]I don’t pretend to know [02:15.06]I’m afraid that all I have missed [02:19.76]Will loom very large when the darkness lifts [02:59.68]I will ride by your side [03:01.99]Wherever you go [03:05.65]I won’t run I won’t hide [03:08.01]Just letting you know LRC歌词网音乐网 http://www.lrcgeci.com提供