[ti:Countin On A Miracle] [ar:Bruce Springsteen] [al:The Rising] [offset:500] [00:00.00]Bruce Springsteen - Countin On A Miracle [00:09.00] [00:17.61]Its a fairytale so tragic [00:21.15]Theres no prince to break the spell [00:26.91]I dont believe in the magic [00:31.50]But for you I will, for you I will [00:38.60]If Im a fool, Ill be a fool [00:42.75]Darlin for you [00:45.00] [04:25.64][04:08.55][03:51.83][03:34.35][01:35.19][00:47.56]And Im countin on a miracle [04:12.73][03:55.71][03:38.40][01:39.34][00:51.47]Baby Im countin on a miracle [04:16.87][03:59.88][03:42.67][01:43.55][00:55.81]Darlin Im countin on a miracle [04:20.99][04:04.00][03:46.82][01:47.70][01:00.06]To come through [01:02.86] [01:06.06]There aint no storybook story [01:08.89]Theres no never-ending song [01:14.73]Our happily ever after Darlin [01:19.19]Forever come and gone [01:23.58]Im movin on [01:26.18]If Im gonna believe [01:28.32]Ill put my faith [01:30.40]Darlin in you [01:50.42][01:32.52] [01:51.71]Sleeping beauty awakes from her dream [01:56.10]With her lovers kiss on her lips [02:00.42]Your kiss was taken from me [02:04.69]Now all I have is this... [02:07.21]Your kiss, your kiss, your touch, your touch [02:12.21]Your heart, your heart, your strength, your strength [02:16.53]Your hope, your hope, your faith, your faith [02:20.93]Your face, your face, your love, your love [02:25.27]Your dream, your dream, your life, your life [02:30.10] [02:47.95]Im runnin through the forest [02:50.90]With the wolf at my heels [02:56.56]My king is lost at midnight [03:00.91]When the tower bells peal [03:05.42]Weve got no fairytale ending [03:08.23]In Gods hands our fate is complete [03:13.91]Your heavens here in my heart [03:16.85]Our loves this dust beneath my feet [03:21.68]Just this dust beneath my feet [03:25.25]If Im gonna live [03:27.59]Ill lift my life [03:29.76]Darlin to you [04:34.90][04:32.81][03:49.60][03:32.42] [04:36.72]★★★★END★★★★ http://www.lrcgeci.com欢迎您的光临! LRC歌词网音乐网 http://www.lrcgeci.com提供