[ti:Dryflower] [ar:谭咏麟] [al:My Love] [by:猪鼻插葱http://lrcgeci.com] [offset:500] [00:02.22]Dryflower [00:05.61]作曲: Yoo Young Sum / Joo Young Hoom [00:07.65]編曲: Yoo Young Sum [00:09.06]語言: 英語 [00:10.36]收錄於大碟: My Love (1993) [00:12.21] [00:15.57]Dream that I never had [00:22.77]Since the pedals die [00:29.04]It was all just like a simple matter [02:21.46][00:40.45]Now that we stand apart [02:27.43][00:46.78]Times the only hope I see [02:33.78][00:53.68]Nothing left surely nothing to regain [02:45.27][01:05.13]Longing for the days with you [02:50.43][01:10.30]I won\'t forget [02:57.55][01:17.71]Looking at the flower leaves [03:02.65][01:22.77]I won\'t regret to the end [03:37.99][03:10.47][01:30.42]Everyday my thoughts wanna to your caress [03:44.16][03:16.39][01:36.31]But the only warmth I get is shattered vase [03:50.22][03:22.48][01:42.41]I believe the flower bloom again [03:56.10][03:28.23][01:48.17]It won\'t take too long [03:58.83][03:31.20][01:51.24]My dream will never be gone [04:06.64][01:57.61] LRC歌词网音乐网 http://www.lrcgeci.com提供