[ti:Outta Control] [ar:Thousand Foot Krutch] [al:Welcome To The Masquerade] [by:活在當下] [00:01.12]Thousand Foot Krutch - Outta Control [00:06.07] [00:07.33]www.lrcgeci.com @ 活在當下 制作 [00:19.23] [00:23.54]It feels like a dream [00:26.87]How did things all get so crazy? [00:29.63]I\'m remembering [00:32.45]Before, when I felt so clean [00:35.19] [00:35.53]Alone in my room [00:37.94]It feels like the walls are closing in [00:41.14]I\'m thinking of you [00:43.99]‘Cause I know what\'ll happen soon [02:34.94][01:37.23][00:45.58] [02:35.66][01:37.87][00:45.93]I\'m spinning, out of control [02:38.26][01:40.31][00:48.44]Not knowing which way to go [02:41.12][01:43.25][00:51.22]Feelin\' left out in the cold [02:44.29][01:46.76][00:54.25] [02:58.91][02:47.09][01:49.24][00:57.03]I just wanna let go of it all [03:01.31][02:49.79][01:51.89][00:59.86]And climb up over the wall [03:04.27][02:52.67][01:54.87][01:02.82]I need some help to get back on my feet [03:08.32][02:56.83][01:58.95][01:06.96]If you\'re out there, cover me [03:12.30][01:10.33] [01:15.77]You thought you could come and take it all [01:18.80]Without hurting me [01:21.65]That was your biggest mistake [01:24.41]Should have known when you saw me break! [01:27.31]Alone in my room (I sit) [01:30.26]And pray that the walls stop closin\' in [01:33.54]And every breath I take\'s [01:35.86]A step further away from the end of me [02:01.86] [02:02.30]I wanna get this off my mind [02:05.35]There\'s no one else I can tell... [02:07.62]Please listen to me... [02:12.60] [02:13.25]In a world where confusion is only an illusion [02:16.11]And fear itself, is just another [02:18.32]Weak-minded solution [02:19.54]I live in a generation with too much information [02:22.22]Instead of bonding together [02:24.04]We bring anger to the nation [02:25.12]My faith is the only thing I\'ve got [02:28.02]And no one can take that from me LRC歌词网音乐网 http://www.lrcgeci.com提供