[ti:Brothers of the Highway] [ar:George Strait] [al:Troubadour] [by:活在当下] [00:01.11]George Strait - Brothers of the Highway [00:05.02]www.lrcgeci.com 活在当下 制作 [00:07.04] [00:07.23]Diamonds on the windshield, as heaven starts to cry, [00:12.87]In his rearview mirror, his angle waves goodbye, [00:18.32]She knows he\'s got to go, she knows he\'s one of them, [Chorus:] [01:58.06][01:09.41][00:24.33] [01:58.28][01:09.80][00:24.55]Brothers of the highway, children of the wind, [02:03.67][01:15.49][00:30.24]That detroit diesel piarot ship goes rollin out again, [02:09.60][01:21.51][00:36.07]Sailin for that settin sun, freedoms your best friend, [02:15.65][01:27.49][00:42.28]Brothers of the highway, children of the wind. [00:48.49] [00:51.89]He putts the peddel to the metal, tring to out run the rain, [00:57.77]Another shot of truck stop coffee, goes runnin through his vains, [01:03.65]This country turns on eighteen wheels, thank god we can depend, on [Chorus] [01:33.74] [01:34.71]Carolina west to Denver, [01:37.57]Batton Rouge east to Pittsburg, [01:40.54]Portland south to San Diago, [01:43.33]Sail on sail on, [01:46.38]Talahasy north to Boston, [01:49.27]Up to Bangor west to Austin, [01:52.14]Coast to coast. sea to sea, [01:54.92]Sail on sail on, you [Chorus] [02:20.29]God bless you brothers of the highway, children of the wind. [02:30.62] LRC歌词网音乐网 http://www.lrcgeci.com提供