[ti:Whip$ and Chain$] [ar:Flobots] [al:Survival Story] [by:Jermen] [00:00.12]Flobots - Whip$ and Chain$ [00:02.96]www.lrcgeci.com [00:06.12]lrc by Jermen [00:09.67]Strange fruit I roll up in my ford taurus [00:11.58]Emissions I wont pass like Gandalf at Moria [00:13.88]Way out of order [00:14.96]Sedan with four doors [00:16.12]Pull out garage and lost side view mirror [00:18.36]My credit card final fantasy breaks the limit [00:20.55]I just paid just brakes to break my lemon [00:22.88]Wont make enough juice for my pessimism [00:25.14]So I\'m not for given \'till my debts forgiven [00:27.37]Skim off the top [00:28.26]Convertible roofs [00:28.94]Thinking spanish [00:29.76]Green sounds like the truth [00:31.92]Got it on lock jaw to the tip o\' the tooth [00:33.70]Way I floss no dental insurance to boot [00:36.38]But my chain hangs low, I could double dutch [00:39.95]Keep my eyes to the floor so don\'t stumble much [00:43.44]I shine at night from all the carrots [00:45.80]\'Cause it\'s not who you are but who you\'re wearing [00:46.72]Stay sportin lashes from the old massa\'s [00:47.94]Clasps on the neck says [00:49.68]\'Property of the masses\' [00:47.90]And whats under the chassis [00:52.41]The block is gentrified while the governor\'s classic [00:54.58]Don\'t know who the boss is do I hold the power [00:57.84]Or am I powered like horses [00:59.10]Whip is blowin\' out my back like I\'m exhaust-ed [01:01.35]Pipes blowin\' more fire than pentecost [03:38.91][03:19.85][02:26.04][01:03.65]Who killed o? [03:40.78][03:21.48][02:27.70][01:04.94]Why and what\'s the reason for? [03:43.36][03:24.04][02:30.49][01:08.52]Who starts homicidal wars? [03:45.26][03:25.94][02:32.35][01:10.62]Rich man poor man either or? [03:47.88][03:28.64][02:35.01][01:12.96]Who shows us what we knead? [03:49.73][03:30.52][02:36.80][01:14.83]Who\'s got the bread for the luxuries? [03:52.40][03:33.16][02:39.50][01:17.22]Who told us it\'s ingrained? [03:54.39][03:35.07][02:41.23][01:19.23]We who hold these whips and chains [01:22.11]If there\'s no lock who needs a key? [01:26.21]When did we stop being free? [01:30.86]I see things vis a vis a sea change [01:33.58]Full fathom five people became remains deep beneath chains [01:38.09]We pay into easing these pains [01:40.94]\'Cause the history is difficult [01:42.26]Wish the results could be flipped like reciprocals [01:44.81]Allow me to renumerate aloud the typical rude awakenings [01:48.91]of the drowsy consumer base [01:50.05]Bass boom will make the crowd sing and syncopate with [01:53.11]the views that they\'re espousing [01:54.75]Synchronize to the stupid take a thousand [01:55.95]Sinning like every excuse they make is valid [01:58.35]Simon Williams I Wonder Man [02:00.26]Just how did our oil get under their sand? [02:02.44]And how did our homes get onto their land? [02:04.66]And how did our foes get guns in their hands? [02:07.05]Conflict diamonds [02:08.19]Child labor tennis shoes [02:09.38]Genocide energy [02:10.44]Gentrified gin and juice [02:11.63]Slave trade banks [02:12.75]Rape-based internet movies [02:14.36]What\'s a simple straight-laced human to do [02:16.20]With a strange fate twist and fame [02:18.35]Except talk shit and name off a list of gains [02:20.35]But do you realize I\'d find my lips in flames [02:22.61]If I tried to take pride in these whips and chains [02:44.25]Who holds these [02:45.53]Who holds these [02:46.18]Who holds these traps and circuses [02:48.08]We want it [02:48.99]They own it [02:50.16]So we\'re going half-berserk for it [02:52.45]Let\'s take it [02:53.63]Let\'s take it [02:54.71]Let\'s take it back before cassettes [02:57.10]Pepsi cans and packs of percocet [02:59.24]1910 all the factory workers said [03:01.52]Yes we can demand a weekend [03:03.48]If we can get the man to weaken [03:05.75]So if you\'re ready than send a beacon [03:08.00]To be continued and to begin [03:10.24]We can\'t be content to steep in the anaesthesia [03:13.05]Invisible hands of phantoms depend on [03:15.46]Ya fantasies have been poisoned [03:17.35]But we\'ve got the panacea! [03:55.24]lrc by Jermen LRC歌词网音乐网 http://www.lrcgeci.com提供