[ti:Tell Me] [ar:Sandy] [al:] [00:02.20]Sandy - Tell Me [03:14.40][03:00.60][02:37.90][02:06.10][01:58.00][00:06.30] [00:12.30]There’re so many things I wanna say [00:15.10]There’re so many thoughts inside of me [00:21.40]But my words can seem to find a way [00:26.20]I can see you changing more and more [00:29.40]Acting like you didn’t do before [00:35.40]I see you slipping away [00:37.90]But I don’t wanna lose you [01:58.40][00:40.10]I would do anything for us to remain [02:01.40][00:44.60]’Cause I know that we can make it last [03:10.50][02:06.40][00:50.00]To be true [03:12.10][02:10.80][00:52.00]I don’t wanna lose you [03:15.00][02:13.30][00:54.30]Tell me that you love me from the heart [03:18.70][02:16.80][00:58.60]And nothing in the world can tear us apart [03:22.30][02:20.70][01:02.30]Tell me that we’ll be together [03:25.00][02:23.10][01:04.90]The rest of our lives, baby now and forever [03:29.40][02:27.80][01:09.50]Tell me that you still believe in everlasting love [03:34.30][02:31.20][01:12.60]And we’ll always be together [01:16.00]Baby take a look inside yourself [01:33.40]Am I the one you see or someone else [01:38.50]Baby please be true you’ve gotta let me know [01:45.10]Tell me what to do to make you show [01:47.70]’Cause I don’t wanna feel this insecure [01:53.70]You’ve gotta give me a sign [01:55.90]Cause I don’t wanna lose you [02:38.50]Remember all the promises we made [02:44.30]Remember all the words we used to say [02:50.40]That an open heart will always find a way [02:55.40]What would it take for me to make you realize [03:05.10]And I know that we can make it last