[ti:Its Over] [ar:Scott Walker] [al:Scott Walker - The Collection ] [t_time:(02:23)] [00:00.22] Its Over - Scott Walker [00:15.03] If time were not a moving thing [00:18.64] And I could make it stay [00:21.30] This hour of love we share [00:23.46] Would always be [00:25.64] Thered be no coming day [00:28.08] To shine a morning light [00:31.34] And make us realize our night is over [00:42.93] When you walk away from me [00:46.30] There is no place to put my hand [00:50.92] Except to shade my eyes against the sun [00:54.36] That rises over the land [00:58.05] I watch you walk away [00:59.43] Somehow I have to let you go [01:04.82] Cause its over [01:12.11] If you knew just how I really feel [01:14.77] You might return and yet [01:17.88] There are so many times [01:21.44] That people have to love and then forget [01:26.71] Oh there might have been a way somehow [01:29.39] I have to force myself to say [01:33.04] Its over [01:40.96] So I turn my back, [01:43.78] Turn my collar to the wind [01:46.85] Move along in silence [01:49.10] Trying not to think at all [01:53.49] I set my feet before me [01:57.43] Walk the silent street before me [02:02.00] Now its over [02:08.21] Its over LRC歌词网音乐网 http://www.lrcgeci.com提供